Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Walking with the Olympus

Maggie Pond frozen - ski area in background - base of Peak 9

Earlier in the week, I went into town for a haircut.
I decided to have a walkabout before the appointment.
I put the 17mm pancake on the Olympus and took it along.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church - taken from deck of Community Center

I haven't used the DSLR much this winter.
The pancake lens is so light that I barely know I'm carrying a camera.
However, when I'm exercising on the trails, it gets in the way.
The iPhone is just so easy.

Blue River stilled under ice and snow

However, I like the photos the Olympus produces.
It makes me feel like a "real" photographer.
I also like the heft of it in my hands.

walkway along the Blue River

We have so much snow on the ground.
We're in a melt/freeze cycle now and footing is treacherous.
Unfortunately, I can't use my Yaktrax in town because surfaces vary so much.
Sometimes there's ice or snow on the walkway, other times it's clear.

metal sculpture, Riverwalk

I must watch my step and walk carefully so I don't fall.
I feel like a very old woman as I creep slowly across ice and packed snow.
Well, I guess I AM an old woman!

deck seating, Community Center

Someday, it will be summer.
But, not for a long while...

Bob got good results from his first blood test since starting treatment for his cancer.
We feel relieved - thank you to all who offer us positive thoughts and prayers.
There is no control over the future.
We live fully day by day.

There is always One Good Thing.

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