Saturday, March 9, 2019

Snow and More Snow

For 5 days, a heavy, wet snow fell until it measured over 5' (1.5 m).

The tractor and Bob had continual plowing chores.

Snow loaded the trees and plopped like weighted pillows when the wind blew.
The air sparkled with falling and blowing snow.

The banks off our deck towered over the rail. 
Bob could no longer shovel snow over the banks.

He had to first shovel the banks out into the yard before removing more snow.
It's difficult, tiring work.
He labors hard at 74.
(Even with a diagnosis of cancer.)
Finally, we found a young, strong worker to hire.
He'll come tomorrow and continue shoveling plus raking the roof.
I'm sure Bob will supervise!

Our tree nymph, Waldo, likes the snow and cold.
He continues to smile.
(However, he does no work...)

My One Good Thing today is a beautiful abundance of white.

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