Thursday, January 31, 2019

Small Stone - The End!

We're surrounded by a harsh environment of incredible beauty. We've lived in Breckenridge, CO,  nearly 30 years, and still, we're in awe of the landscape. Getting older, we wonder how long we can stay in our mountain home. Bob is constantly outside, working to clear snow. We could hire someone, but he likes the exercise. He also likes knowing it's done correctly. We can't think of a place we'd rather be. So, we live day by day enjoying our time here as long as possible.

The end of January gives us blue sky and sunshine. The light pools in the great room, and the fireplace adds a cozy glow. Our sons built this house for us in the mid-90's. Though just a structure, we are tied to it by love.

Today ends my month-long commitment to writing small stones. For me, blogging every day is a challenge. I'm thankful to return to my usual sporadic postings. Thank you for dropping by to visit. 

Stay well, smile often, and keep moving!

Remember there are always good things in life if we are open to them.