Saturday, January 19, 2019

Small Stone - Broken Tooth

Just after I woke this morning, I broke an upper back tooth while eating a piece of toast. It's a holiday weekend here. When I called my dentist's office, his message machine came on, saying the office was closed until Tuesday. As an aside, the message said he and his wife were having a baby this weekend. Panic notched higher as I felt the sharp edges of the remaining enamel and the jagged break receding into my gum. Calling several other dentists in our county, all were closed. One mentioned that the Rocky Mountain Dental Association was meeting this weekend in Summit County. All those dentists nearby, and nobody to help! Finally, I called my dentist's cellphone, a call I dreaded making because I didn't want to disturb his family (was he at the moment helping his wife in the birthing chamber?)... He answered on the third ring and immediately, hearing his quiet, friendly voice, I felt calmer. "Are you in pain?" he asked. Actually, I wasn't, though the large chunk of broken tooth would indicate I should be. We decided I could wait until Tuesday unless I start having pain. I wished him and his wife a safe and happy birth (happening tomorrow). Now, I'm trying to keep my tongue away from that gaping hole. I'm dreading the dental work I'm sure to need. I'm thankful for a minimum of discomfort. I'm smiling thinking of my dentist's new baby.