Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Connection and Solitude

Bubbles the Bunny is very outgoing

I tend to be a quiet person - not the life of the party.
When I'm in a group, I listen more than speak.
With close friends, however, I can talk, talk, talk.

my lone ski tracks leaving our property

Connection is important for my well-being.
However, I'm most at ease in solitude.

Some days I don't feel like going into the cold.
I'd rather read in front of the fire sipping tea...

selfie while out on touring skis

However, I put on layers and snap into my touring skis.
I start gliding into the forest and in a short while I'm smiling.

new fox tracks on our deck

When I'm alone, I'm very alert.
I see the tracks of animals and determine if they're old or new.

scenery that makes me smile

My skis groan and creak in the cold.
Going downhill, they squeal a high pitched tune.
Sometimes, I laugh out loud at their antics.

We are all so different.
That's what makes life interesting.
Time to connect and time for solitude are my good things today.

Outdoor photos are iPhone X.
Indoor photos are Olympus OMD-EM1.

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