Sunday, October 15, 2017

Wandering - Not Lost

Our oldest grandson mountain biking

I've been a wanderer since I was a child.
My father died when I was 9 years old.
My mother worked long hours in a factory.
I don't remember ever being cautioned or restricted.
It was understood that I would try to make the "right" choices.
And so I did.

Our youngest grandson wandering

After school and in the summer I was on my own.
I followed trails into the woods.
I rode my bike beyond my neighborhood.
I found paths and trails that led me and taught me.
Often, I was alone.

Following Bob up the trail

I was a naturally cautious kid, but Nature called to me.
I was curious and attentive to my surroundings.
I loved books and often escaped into their worlds.
Sometimes I carried a book with me on my adventures.
I'd find a quiet spot and sit, immersed in Nature and in story.

sunlight on Bob's shoulders

Who we were at age 9 or 10 is probably who we are now.
I still wander - sometimes I briefly lose my way.

However, I always manage to find a trail that leads toward home.

Have you changed a lot since since childhood?
I hope you still make time for play and for wandering.

Trails and paths in life that lead us and teach us are my one good thing today.

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