Thursday, October 12, 2017

Critter Alert!

Animals are on the move in the fall.
When I'm outside, I'm alert to my surroundings.

When I'm inside,
I'm sometimes startled by a large animal passing near the house.

It's mating season for deer and moose.

Bucks shepherd their harem of doe through the forest.

Bull moose fight other males for their preferred mate.

One young Moose limped through our yard behind a cow and yearling calf.
He was probably in a fight for dominance and was injured by a bigger bull.
However, he slowly and persistently followed the cow.

As usual, the foxes trot across the property, hunting for food.
Sometimes, they stop and watch me as I take their photo.
Other times, they're too busy and hurry by.

Last evening, just at dusk, a young bull grazed near my garden.
Bob stamped, yelled, and waved his arms to encourage it to move into the forest.
However, it paid no attention until I came out to click a few photos.
Then, it slowly strolled away.
It didn't like the paparazzi!

In the house, there are also critters.
I'm less worried about them trampling me!
My jolly garden bunny, Bubbles, is inside for the winter.
Ollie the Bear watches from the windowsill.

Animals inside and out are my good things today.

A little cross stitch that our son, Gregg, made about 40 years ago makes me smile:

"I wish you a rainbow"

I'll pass that wish on to you...

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