Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remembering Good Things

Snow and stillness...
The remodeling is nearing completion.

Sunlight and blowing snow filter through Spooky Woods as I walk.

Nature yields her gems.

A mama moose and her calf pay a visit.

I remember many good things.


  1. these are gorgeous photos! but i do hope you're not quite getting that much snow yet this season! :) or maybe you are!

    1. Took these photos yesterday, Theresa - it looks like winter here!

  2. Your Mama and baby moose seem to feel really secure. What beautiful beasts. Not winter here in San Francisco...October is often our warmest month....but, there is a definite hint of autumn in the air.

  3. Barb,
    Always so enjoy my visits here.
    That first photo is breathtakingly beautiful.
    And the mama moose and her calf, so sweet!

    It's very cold here tonight, brrrrrrrrr!

    ah, those beautiful memories are a treasure .
    I hold them tightly to my heart!

  4. You have a knack at creating beautiful memories every day.

  5. Hello, Barb,
    All of your photos are beautiful. Those drops on the brown leaf are pretty. Yes, they are really gems from nature. What your mama moose and her baby are lovely! As Duff says, they seem really secure, which makes my heart warm.

    My husband will go to White horse mountain with his friends tomorrow and back in two days. He will see the snow there.
    I will go hiking tomorrow with my friend the ancient road in Nara. I am getting normal and cheerful!!
    Hope you have a good day.

  6. All your photos are wonderful but I really liked the drops on the leaf. I so envy your snow. .
    Dr. Seuss stated a pure truth.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I guess I am ready for cold weather beauty. It looks like Mama Moose is eating one of those lace cookies.

  8. Beautiful photos Barb. I love the cathedral of light in the woods, and the droplets on the leaf, lovely. The mama moose and baby look quite content, more than I'd be in snow....brrrrr. And so true, the words of Dr. Seuss.

  9. Love Spooky Woods. Great name great photo great shadows. Some moments are forever, and most of the time they are the ones we don't count on. Andrea

  10. So lovely --- walks in the woods and happy memories a great anecdote for remodeling stresses!

  11. So many good and wonderful things!

  12. Indeed - all good things! It's hard to compete with nature.

    I love Mama Moose and her baby. :)

  13. Nature is what nurtures our souls. Beautiful photos and thoughts.

  14. What an amazing Moose visit! Wow wow. It's kind of mind-bending to see that snow. We are awaiting our first snow fall here. The leaves are falling...

  15. the sunlight and the snow ... beautiful! also the moose ... lots of wild life there! the Little leaf in the snow - enjoyed walking alongside your path.

  16. Lovely captures.
    I like the water drops on the leaf.
    You are lucky to get a visit from Moose. :)

  17. So Beautiful.. and so true is this last one.

  18. Fantastic! And how true of the last one.

  19. Love the moose shot, but not looking forward to the "s" word. Clinging to the last days/leaves of Autumn. Aloha

  20. Not only does nature yield her many gems--so do you. Thank you.

  21. I believe you are already aware that you live in 'paradise', Barb.
    Imagine a Moose and calf just dropping by.....
    Like the leaf and droplets photo...magical.

  22. You always remind me to stop and enjoy the moments. The tiny things can bring such pleasure.

  23. I saw you on a couple of my friends blog - and thought I would come over and check you out.
    I love your photographs. I see such beauty in them.
    Love, sandie


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