Sunday, October 6, 2013

Focusing on Good - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Lots of Good Things this week:

Something Colorful

Just before our latest bout of cold and snow, we enjoyed vivid fall colors.


Early morning,  the sun flared pink as we crossed McClure Pass.


Self Portrait, October 5, 2013
Sunny in Denver after the first hard frost overnight.

In Motion

We're babysitting Sam for several days.
Always in motion, it's hard to get a non-blurred photo.


Sam conked out in his stroller during an afternoon walk.
Shhhhh - please!

Thank you to Ashley Sisk for hosting


  1. You did good with this scavenger hunt. I think my favorite picture right now is "You"!! Ooops, sorry, did I wake Sam?

  2. Especially love the "flare" on McClure pass. Never saw it at that hour...but, what vistas as you go over the pass. Thanks...more Colorado memories for me.

  3. so cute! the sun flare gave me chills. i loved it.

  4. what an adorable baby! I had heard about the snow in Colorado - have family that live in Colorado Springs & Denver. Never been here before... love your photos.

  5. Having fun with your camera again, I see!

  6. If there is a prize for the scavenger hunt, you win. Wonderful shots to match the words. Sam in both speeds (active and at rest) is adorable.

  7. LOVE your light shot, it is stunning!!

  8. What a fun collection. I love the selfie.. so cool. And Sam.. I want to plant a wee kiss on those sweet baby lips. What a love.

  9. oh that sunlight in your photos is gorgeous!!!! sounds like you are gathering it up before winter! and very sweet sam, moving and sleeping!

  10. Wonderful pictures, perfect for the hunt. And I'm in awe that you had time to do this post while taking care of that adorable bundle of energy.

  11. Sam is precious.
    Enjoy him.
    I'm heading to the park with my granddaughter Rose.

    Great pics, Barb.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Shhhh. I'm being quiet, except that your photos are spectacular. That first one particularly caught my eye. The composition is really well done, leading my eye from one part of the photo to another. I also love Sam in motion!

  13. Wow! those beautiful autumn colors! Really spectacular!

  14. What amazing blue skies! And what a sunny face on Sam. He brought a smile to my face!


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