Monday, January 28, 2013

Split Personality - Mindful Writing Challenge

Thanks to all of you who inquired by E-mail about my health.
I continue to have skin problems which my DRs now expect is allergy-related. 
I am on a course of treatment that involves removing any possible allergens from my body.
Because of my loss of appetite and now a restricted diet, I'm losing weight rapidly.
For some, this might be welcome, I know.
For me, I shouldn't lose much more weight, or I'll become too frail. 
I haven't really felt "sick," just miserable from the itching/burning.
I found I was unable to be mindful about much but my misery,
which I didn't really want to share!

Today, I'm feeling much better, so I'll  post,
hoping I can visit other Mindful Writers soon.

two pretty scarves, one a bold graphic pattern
the other a shy, pale field of wildflowers
what fun to decide each day which person I'll be


  1. Dearest Barb, I wondered but didn't want to ask. I will say prayers and hope the best. I have tremendous allergies and asthma and ended up in the ER week before last not able to breathe. Scary. Please get well soon. Carol

  2. welcome back, we did miss you...and worried.
    Warmest wishes for your speedy recovery!

  3. Sorry to hear about your allergies and misery. I was wondering why you'd stopped. You're my little marker along the way of this challenge and I missed you!

    I'm wondering which scarf you are today :)

  4. Absolutely coveting this photo! Magical colors. Creativity to cover the misery? I have been thinking of starting an incognito blog of misery, stones of misery, photos of misery. Seriously, I am so very sorry to hear that you have other concerns. Please know that I keep you near with prayer and blessing. Thanks for letting us know. ((*))

  5. Either way, they are gorgeous in color,texture,and personality. Prayers for you to get better soon. I've missed your wonderful posts and photographs. Take good care of yourself.

  6. Good that you feel better. We wish you all the best.


  7. oh, dear barb, i am sorry it was not just frostbite. i hope they can identify the source so you can avoid it in the future (and hopefully it's not something like SUN). you are a tiny little thing, so i do hope your appetite returns!

    and i liked your tale of two scarves...

  8. well, damn. so hoping you were on your way to recovery but now it sounds like the road may be longer than anticipated. good wishes coming your way for less itching...and btw, I will be glad to share a little weight with you, I give, you take!!

  9. These anti-allergy diets do not leave much on the plate, until one item after another is eliminated!!!( no pun intended). I do so hope the Drs ( is there a Hottie amongst them) get it sorted and totally fixed so soon. Scarves, lovely to look at, handle, drape around, and select. Take care,recover from whatever it is, I call it "AUA", an unknown allergy... fond greetings from Jean.p.s. we freeze any surplus, or give to friends. Too many veges all ripen at the same time. Heat wave, 31.8C today.

  10. Feel better soon. Have you tried any alternatives? Homeopathy? Working with a Naturopath? All in addition to the regular mds. I love the scarves! I choose my underwear carefully depending on how I want to affect the day's energy (colorwise anyway)! Am sending chicken-soup energy. Andrea

  11. Dear Barb,
    So sorry to hear about your skin problems. I have also long skin problem which is allergy-related.
    I know how itching it is and you have to be patient. I hope you feel better soon!

    I was wondering where you have been. So glad to read your post now!
    Flu is going through Japan. Be careful not have a cold, Barb!

  12. Oh gosh - so sorry to hear of your misery! Allergies are horrible. Hope you can get some relief soon.

  13. I'm glad you are feeling better Barb. Allergies can really drive one insane. Lovely scarves!

  14. I am so glad that you're having a better day, and I hope with all my heart that you have more of them. I had hoped that it was frostbite and would heal relatively rapidly. I hope that you identify the culprit very soon.

    That's a beautiful photo of your scarves.

  15. That sounds horrible. I just hope and pray that you get well soon. Also you must recover your appetite, you already look frail to me in the photo in your sidebar!! Take Care dearest Barb :)

  16. I've been away and missing the news; sorry to learn of your health challenges. I recently discovered a gluten intolerance and leaving that out of my diet has made a tremendous improvement in my health. I hope your allergy is due to something that's relatively easy to give up. Your scarves are beautiful, nice thought as to who you'll be for the day - a pleasnat morning choice. happy week to you Barb. Do take care now.

  17. I was hoping you would be back to normal by now. Maybe it is time to check in with the doctor, again.
    The bright scarf looks great with your pink jacket on Live and Learn. I really like the watercolor look of the scarf photo.

  18. the scarf photo is so yummy ~ sending healing thoughts your way ~ ~ ~

  19. Hello Barb. Allergies can be painful and a real nuisance! I hope you get ahead of it very soon.
    I love what you did to the scarf photo, good job.

  20. Oh I have been wondering of my little sisters was highly allergic and I remember her diet to remove all possible allergens (this was when she was little though and didn't know any better must be harder for you!) I hope you find the culprit(s) soon, b/c I can tell from the picture on your sidbar that you already have that gorgeous outdoor lean well exercised look that we all don't need to lose more weight. (And you're right, there's not to many grandmas around these days that can say that!)

  21. So sorry to hear your skin situation persists. I hope you can find a solution soon so you can enjoy life to the full.


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