Friday, January 13, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

looked in the mirror this morning
(usually I focus a little to the side and up)
today I took inventory

what the heck happened
between 37 and 67
lines and dots mapping what 
once upon a time was 
uncharted territory

not to mention dandelion hair
sticking up in all directions
as though electricity
 entered at my feet
zapping upward

don't comfort me with
all the nice platitudes about
wisdom - experience - beatitude
it is what it is and
I'm seeing devastation

I won't even write about the body
no use frightening
my readers

Trip to Denver Zoo with Grandchildren 1/03/12

Observing (perhaps too) closely for:


  1. Ha, ha! Love the hippo illustrations. I'm not too pleased with my changes, either, but time marches one and we're pulled along with it.

  2. Love the thoughts and images. They mimmick exactly what I see in the mirror and my thoughts almost on a daily basis. What to do. I don't know. Carol

  3. They say that as we age we should forget about magnifying mirrors - either real or imagined. So, please don't look so closely. Your photo here is lovely. M.

  4. No platitudes? Ok, honesty: I always think, as long as there's no fountain of youth, the alternative is undesirable. And anyway, would we want to be young again? I wouldn't, too hard. Good, honest stone!
    I love the hippo photos! :-)

  5. what a raw, honest stone today. this very subject has been on my mind too - I see the same things when I look in the mirror and usually try to avoid it. I'm hoping that my selfie project for the year will ease me into a comfort zone about it. but it isn't easy. this is the direction the parade is going. thanks for the reality check Barb. happy weekend to you.

  6. The changes are all a bit frightening -- esp around my neck, but I realize that there's only one alternative to aging! :)

  7. Love the photos of the hippo! Ah, I'm 52 and totally sympathize!

  8. Love the shots and how you've related them to the story. I sympathize (and can think similar things at 52)!

  9. Seeing the hippo reminds me of my body. I avoid seeing my mirror so closely, but I don't want to lose my smiling least. I can not help loving that quiet-looking hippo! He is so cute!
    Happy days to you, Barb!


  10. Well, I won't try to comfort you, but I will say this: I am very much hoping to grow older as gracefully and actively and inspiringly (yes, I just made that word up...) as you appear to be doing from all I've read on your blogs. xo

  11. Maybe you're your harshest critic??? I take my glasses off when looking in the mirror, it helps me deal with the inevitable and irretrievable changes as my face slides south.

  12. Great how such a dino's face is structured. When I saw the first picture, I said, this time it can not be in the garden of Barb.


  13. Barb -- you are too amazing for words!

  14. You write the truth of what many of us are seeing when we are brave enough to face a mirror these days....but I bet the way your grandkids saw your face as you were visiting the zoo with them was a totally different picture.

  15. You cracked me up with those last three lines. I really like the description of skin in one's 60s..."lines and dots mapping what once upon a time was uncharted territory." Very creative and wry humor!

  16. The hippo is cute!

    Oh well, we are all in the same boat. Thank goodness, we are wise and interesting!

  17. This made me laugh Barb. I also find it a bit unnerving when I see a new line (which I have recently!) or sag!!
    But it is what it is I tell myself as I rub more Vaseline on my face! LOL!!
    Love Di ♥

  18. I love Stan Rogers' song Lies - here's the refrain
    All lies.
    All those lines are telling wicked lies.
    Lies all lies.
    Too many lines there in that face;
    Too many to erase or disguise;
    They must be telling lies.

    Here's the whole song

  19. I wish we women lived in a world where we were valued for our ageing. 'twouldn't be so hard to cope with then.

    I love this stone :)

  20. You captured it, the abrupt knowledge that the package is different, despite the fact that the picture from within is unchanged. The hippo images were perfect!

  21. A blessing -dim bathroom lighting and diminishing eyesight. And this may sound strange but I think last year you wrote a small stone about your hair looking like a dandelion gone to seed--As a small stone it stuck with me. I could swear it was you... Maybe along with other failing body parts- I am making things up as well. Anyway-rejoice and be glad. xo teri


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