Saturday, January 14, 2012


spent a half hour on FaceTime
with my World traveler friend, Mary
she and her husband just arrived in NZ
a major piece of luggage "missing"
but smiling and upbeat as usual
gave me a tour of their rental apartment
views of green hills and peaked mountains
so distant from my winter white
we'll "see" each other on the computer
for the next three months she's gone

Mary last year in South America


  1. an adventurous soul. like her friend, barb. :)

  2. I want to shrink myself down and leap into your friend Mary's luggage! connections are wonderful and important to keep - and the technology we have that enables us is amazing. friends found and kept. happy weekend to you Barb.

  3. I'm more of a few week long tripper. I envy those who can take off for such long voyages and be footloose and fancy free.

  4. At least you can follow each others adventures that way. How Fun!!
    Love Di ♥

  5. I'd never heard of face time. New Zealand a long way from home. But sounds fantastic. It is supposed to be a totally gorgeous place. It's snowed an inch here this evening but I think it's done. Carol

  6. Oh Yes, and our down under friends are in their summertime! How sweet!
    I have cousins in Australia... They are enjoying their gardens now ♥ Happy travels to your friend, Mary!
    Happy weekend to you too, Barb!

  7. Hi Barb! Oh that was me! Chris was logged in his G'mail account... and I didn't notice :o)
    I got spoiled always being logged in with Firefox. Chris used to always use ie explorer. Now he prefers Firefox too and I'm not used to checking my login!
    Have a wonderful Saturday night.

  8. Is "facetime" similar to skype? What a great way to keep in touch. Your friend sounds like an avid adventurer.

    Thanks for you comments on my recent posts, Susan. I always appreciate reading your thoughts.

  9. Oh Barb, I knew whose blog I was on, but managed to write the wrong name! At least I think I wrote Susan! Now, I'm feeling unsure what I wrote. Forgive my muddled brain!

  10. You two sound like two peas from the same adventurous pod! And how great to be able to have a "tour" of a friend's home so far away--comforting.

  11. Oh my, life has really opened up in such an amazing fashion, - wonderful for you to have that contact, Barb, and to see New Zealand from your winter whiteness.

  12. The adventures of travel! We travel a lot, but have never done any long term; would like to though.
    FaceTime must be something like Skype? Isn't that sort of thing a wonderful invention! It makes talking to friends just like being in the same room. I Skype all the time with friends in Australia.

  13. Interesting! Is she one of your traveling group?

  14. that;s a big adventure, something I don't have the time for yet.



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