Sunday, July 3, 2011


Throughout the month of July, I'll post "small stones" as part of the River of Stones. Writers from around the world will cast their stones into the river. 
I let everyone else try before taking the bat. I swing and connect, hitting it hard. Whack! It looks fragile, but it's not. I feel the percussion jolt through my body. And then, the candy starts falling. Kids scramble.
Exhilaration! Theirs and mine. 
Party Time!


  1. What a joyous moment you've captured!

  2. lovely... the idea of things which seem fragile but are not are wonderful.

  3. We used to make them for our church school class. It was great fun for everyone. But, better outdoors! I see you thought of that.

  4. fun image - It also makes me think about things which look fragile and are not and things which do not look fragile and are.


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