Friday, July 15, 2011

Goodbye - A River of Stones

I said goodbye to my best friend in a pink dawn, feeling the usual tight throat as she drove away. Inside, I busied myself in the quiet kitchen. Standing at the sink, I saw movement where the trail opens to my back yard. Thinking maybe a deer or a moose was visiting, I came to attention. A cowboy  - black hat, black boots, black jacket, and dark pack - strode into the clearing. I blinked but, yes, a cowboy! As he turned to walk the perimeter of my property, he looked up and our eyes met. His were the pale blue of a morning sky. I knew he saw me framed in the kitchen window, faded fleece PJ's drooping around my shoulders, white hair sticking up like dandelion fuzz.  He immediately lowered his eyes back to the trail, moving quickly away through the pine duff. I shivered as he disappeared. My friend and the cowboy both left me as daybreak seeped slowly over the mountains.

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  1. I felt the sadness of the friend leaving and a bit of embarrassment of a strange cowboy seeing the unkept morning face! What a morning!
    Well written Barb. Love Di ♥

  2. Very poignant, Barb. A tender daybreak, - beautiful photo.

  3. Wow - what powerful writing! Love this.

  4. Hello,Barb.
    Beautiful writing and photo. I especially love these words
    ・・・・feeling the usual tight・・・as daybreak seeped slowly over the mountains. Very touching words for me. I feel the same sadness when our sons leave for their homes away from our house in a dawn.

  5. I am not a goodbye person, either. Glad you had the visit, though.

    Geez, a two moose and a cowboy this month! You live in an interesting place.

    BTW, what a photo!

  6. Poignantly sad and mysterious.

  7. I was going to comment on the latest stone, but then I was drawn to this one. you've described the moments beautifully and I can feel the tug on your heart. very very nice.

  8. such a vivid description - beautiful


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