Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flaunt Your True Colors

Remember when I brought the baby orchid home over a month ago? I've watched over it, carefully transporting it back and forth from Breckenridge to Denver several times. It became like that psychology experiment that kids sometimes do in school when they're asked to care for a 5 pound sack of sugar as though it were a baby. I've already raised babies so I can tell you - the orchid was not as much work. A little water and sunlight plus remembering to take it with me if we were going to be at one house or another was all that was required. In fact, even when my husband inadvertently threw his jacket on top of it, no damage was done. 
The baby is blooming!

As with any baby, it's not necessarily what I'd envisioned from the buds. It's a flamboyant (perhaps even gaudy) pink. Sometimes, I think it looks unnatural, and I wish it were a quieter hue. It doesn't care what I think - it grew and became what it was meant to be. 

Sometimes it sits it in the sunlight. Other times it rests on the mantel. I like how it looks next to my Karen Scharer painting. 

For a little orchid, barely out of diapers, it has a commanding presence. Yes, even though it's not blooming quite like I thought it should, I'm in love with it.  As soon as these first blooms fade, I'll give it a bigger pot - more room to grow. 

Just like a child, I'll encourage it to flaunt its true colors.


  1. So lovely and delicate. I decided last year I wanted to try an orchid. I just need to find one. :)

  2. I love the bright pink color and think it's beautiful. I've never tried to grow an orchid.

  3. Oh Barb, I'm chuckling here... but your words ring true!

    It's so apropos that you have your orchid next to a painting.
    An artist would have much to say about her color.{that of the orchid}
    Enjoy your weekend, Barb!
    ~ still smiling ~

    ps. I just love your cute little hair clips... aren't they the handiest things?
    I've never thought to use them for plants.

  4. What a gorgeous new baby! Love the last shot with it reflected in the vase too.. Very appropriate words for us people too.

  5. I love it's color Barb and I think it is beautiful. Maybe I will get one. I wonder how I'd do with it? Are they hard to care for?
    Love Di ♥

  6. And children don't always grow up the way we expected, but we certainly love them for their individuality and yes, even flamboyance!

  7. Your baby orchid is beautiful and it reflects the love and attention you give it.

  8. And she is such a lovely baby! I am beginning to think about orchids. You gave me encouragement with this post.

  9. Orchids can be so fragile, yet hardy depending upon if it gets spoiled the right way. You have the right touch or green thumb.

  10. Congratulations, Barb, you've made it blooming lovely. Seeing from the color image you have, the baby has potential to be a tomboy? I love her just the way it is.

    As you wrote, growing a plant is like growing a child. One of the things I have learned is the art of waiting.

  11. I have never grown orchids so I'm impressed. And to think you've moved it back and forth is even more amazing!

  12. Its beautiful... The pink might be a bit gaudy but it will flaunt its true colors shortly!! Nurture it with tender care and it will bloom for all of us to see...
    Have a lovely day:-)

  13. Bloom wherever she is planted! Just a little loving care, the petals will spread like the wings of a butterfly!

  14. What a beautiful lullaby to your baby orchid!! Loved this post!!
    Congrats on your POTW award

  15. The unusual colors and sporadic blooms are what draws many to this plant. I have 3 different orchids.

  16. When my children are grown, perhaps I'll try an orchid. I'm sure you are right.

    When my now-wife and I first met, I was horrified to see the plants in her apartment, most of which I got back on track for her. Of course, I had to explain one thing: plants don't like light and water... they need light and water. That little tid-bit helped her "black thumb" considerably.

    Congratulations on your potw.

  17. Lovely! I've never had an orchid but am often tempted to bring one home and raise. I think the gaudy pink is gorgeous!


  18. Stopping by from POTW.

    You orchid is stunning and looks fabulous paired with the taller vase and the painting. Gaudy? Perhaps, but what does IT think of US?

  19. Lovely comparison between raising orchids and raising kids! They all demand to be what they were meant to become, like it or not!

  20. Lovely baby! You are a nurturing mother, the best kind!!


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