Friday, August 25, 2023

Waning Days of Summer

We wait so long at high altitude for summer to arrive.

Fireweed in an alpine meadow

We crave the warmth of color after months of white.

Asters with a lone Arnica

But our season for growth is short.

Cow Parsnip setting seed among drying grasses

Perennials and wildflowers go to seed.

I remember my mother by planting Pansies

Potted plants and deck boxes give their final encore.

Bob and Sam (10) climb toward the sky

We hike the trails and relish the late-bloomers.

clouds part to showcase Imperial Peak - a bit of snow lasts all summer on high peaks

Fall is waiting in the wings as summer takes a final bow.

sitting among the last of the Lupine on Peak 10

Summer brought beautiful days with plentiful adventures.
I spent as much time as possible outdoors.
In past years, I often took solo hikes, but now, at 79,  I'm usually with someone on the trails.
It gives my family peace of mind to know I'm not alone.

Our high altitude summer is my One Good Thing today.

Bob and I celebrated 57 years of marriage on August 14th.
For us, that's another really Good Thing!

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