Saturday, April 15, 2023

High Altitude Spring

Living above 10,000' (3,000m) of sea level means winter triumphs over spring.
Snow remains in deep drifts on our property and dominates the landscape as far as we can see.  

little pink cloud heart above Red Mountain

Several days above freezing trick us, so Bob puts the screen in our kitchen window.
I like to open it for some fresh air while I'm preparing food.

of course it started to snow again so the window remains closed

Bob leaves from our back deck for the ski area.
Peak 9 closes April 16, so that's the end of his ski season for another year.

We had family visiting over the two weeks of spring break and over Easter Weekend.
Outdoor activities were on the agenda.

oldest grandson (20) and youngest grandson (10) framed between their dad's skis

On Easter Sunday, our son spotted mountain lion tracks on the trail coming home from the ski area.

When I'm walking, I'm alert for moose, bears, and lions.
Bears are roaming though we're still getting snow. They're grumpy and hungry from their long hibernation. Cow moose give birth the end of April into May and are even more dangerous than usual protecting their young. Lions stalk for whatever food is available. They're rarely seen though they prowl quietly nearby.

I pay attention to tracks in the mud

I'm an early riser.
Some mornings, I say hello to the moon before daybreak.

I'm thankful to greet each new day.

I experience many Good Things and hope you do too.
Thank you for visiting.

My ankle continues to heal and get stronger. 
When the snow finally melts, I hope to begin hiking.

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