Saturday, February 19, 2022

Winter's Blessings

We get a few inches at a time to freshen the white.
There have been no major storms this season. 
We always hope for more.
We depend on winter snowpack to lessen summer drought.

Jack (17) leaves from the back yard to go skiing.

Family visits nearly every weekend.

walking the logging road behind the house

Sam (9) and I hike in lemony light.

He's a good companion, chattering about what he sees.
I enjoy viewing the landscape from his perspective. 

Do you see Bob at tree line? He's on touring skis.

The forest cut is complete.

Red Mountain at sunset from our back deck.

I'm becoming accustomed to open spaces and new views.

a pink dawn colors fresh snow

Morning light  creates unexpected beauty.

Foxes pass through several times a day.
Notice how this small fox is looking directly into Sam's eyes.
They both keep perfectly still and calmly watch each other.
Perhaps the fox is Sam's spirit animal.

Bob works hard between storms, raking the roof and clearing snow.

breaking trail on the snowshoes

Winter's changing landscape is my one good thing today.
We're thankful for the blessing of white.

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