Wednesday, September 29, 2021

As the Seasons Turn

How can it be fall already?

I had no idea I'd take such a long break from the blog.

Wildflowers flourished right through summer into fall.

We've already had several snows, one in August and two in September. 
Luckily, the snow melted quickly in fall's still-warm sunshine.

Frost set my gardens to seed, but deck boxes and containers are (so far) still surviving.

Now our trees are putting on a glorious show.

I take the camera to capture the splendor of early-morning light.

I'm breathless at the beauty.

We are well and give thanks for all the good we see both in Nature and in our dealings with others. We are still cautious because of the virus and don't care to travel far from home. I hope you're well, too, enjoying your part of the world and staying safe.

Change is my One Good Thing today and the ability to adapt to it.

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