Tuesday, April 13, 2021

As Time Passes

Last week I visited downtown Main Street in Breckenridge for the first time in a year. I went to the optometrist for a long-overdue eye exam.  Next door to his office, a black cat snoozed on the stoop. My mother was very superstitious. Luckily, this kitty only dosed and didn't cross my path to give me immediate bad luck. My mother would go out of her way to avoid black cats. I tell myself I'm not superstitious, but I did think of my mother when I spotted the cat.

 Most of the snow in town is melted. However, at our house and in the forest, we still have plenty of white. When snow blows through sunbeams, the filtered light is ethereal.

We had a snow storm overnight when our son visited. After breakfast, he and I went out to play in it. Luckily, he broke trail in his snowshoes so I could glide easily behind him on my skis. We spoke of the joy we felt surrounded by such natural beauty.

We prepared a special dinner for Gregg, and the gift of snow the next morning was a bonus. The visit left us all with smiles on our faces. Seeing someone you love after such a long isolation feels like a celebration.

 Time passes - we are expecting more snow over the next several days.  The push/pull of the seasons continues as it normally does at high altitude this time of year.  Bob and I are planning a day trip as soon as we see that the weather forecast doesn't predict snow for a few days.

Memories of time spent with family are my good thing today.
I hope you're feeling well.
Thank you for visiting.

Bob's latest blood test was excellent.
Gratitude fills my heart.

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