Friday, November 27, 2020


We had a week of celebrations.

Bob turned 76 on Monday, the 23rd.
Yesterday, we counted our blessings by celebrating Thanksgiving.
Throughout the week, family and friends called, texted, and sent greetings.
Though we remain isolated, we feel connected to others by love.

We received the gift of white in 2 storms.

The first dropped a foot of snow and transformed our surroundings.
Last evening, another couple inches fell.

On Thanksgiving morning, we skied through the forest on our touring skis.
The chill air, the laden trees, the heightened body awareness uplift our spirits.

The magic of gliding through a white world never grows old.

We're very lucky to live in proximity to wilderness.
Its beauty and challenge enhance our lives in a myriad of ways.
In Nature I find respite from my fears and my worries.

Wherever you are in the world, I send hope for health and for healing.
In a world of problems there are still many good things.
Find them, focus on them, and let them feed your soul.

I send hugs from Colorado.

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