Saturday, October 31, 2020

May Love and Peace Abide

start of snow

We had 11" (28 cm) of snow about a week ago.
It was our third snow since September.
We thought this might be our base for winter.
However, temperatures have risen above freezing.
The warmth of the sun is melting it quickly.

Today, I decided to walk the streets in my neighborhood.
It was gusty, and I'm worried about huge lodgepoles falling in the forest.
I'm wearing a lightweight neck gaiter called a "buff" when I walk for exercise.
If I meet someone, I raise it to cover my mouth and nose.

Our county recently adopted more stringent Covid rules.
Residents may have only 6 people in their homes from no more than 2 households.
Rentals may have 10 from no more than 2 households. 
I question (to myself) why tourists may have 4 more people than residents.
(It doesn't make sense, but what does when the "rules" constantly change?)

On my walk, I passed a home with many cars in the driveway.
I wondered how many people were inside.
We've been warned about parties and gatherings.
"Only 2 at my house," I thought.

As I continued onward, a young man came my way.
I switched to the opposite side of the street (we have no sidewalks). 
I covered my face with the buff.
He wore nothing to cover his face.

Just as he was almost across from me, he forcefully cleared his throat and....

I was appalled at his crude and rude behavior.
I immediately thought of my grandchildren and chided them in my mind:
take note - this behavior is not OK!
I looked where the young man was going, and, of course, he turned into the "party" house.

I felt upset by the encounter, but on reflection, I knew he was not disrespecting me.
Instead, he disrespected himself (and the family who raised him). 
Immediately, I said quietly, "May love and peace abide with you."
I felt he needed the blessing, and I needed to give it.

This happening obviously affected me, or I wouldn't be writing about it.
But, the blessing set me apart from anger and negative feelings.
I continued on my way, calm and happy.
I smiled to feel the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my face.

a light in the forest

May love and peace abide with you.
Thank you for visiting.

Photos were taken during my walks this week.

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