Saturday, May 9, 2020

Birthday Girl

I came upon this scene yesterday during my morning walk.
Do you see the black bear sitting on the snow?
It was aware of my presence because it turned its head to look at me.
It was busy eating garbage it dragged from one of the trash cans.
Showing no aggression, it just kept snacking as I moved past it.
I've been seeing signs of bears for weeks, so I was exhilarated to spot it.
I decided it was my first gift of my birthday weekend.

Today (May 9th), is my actual birthday.
How did all these years go by and make me 76?
I've been hearing from family and friends all day.
In this time of isolation, I smile to connect with them.

Early this morning, while the snow was still frozen, we took a walk.
It was the first time since fall we could venture into the wilderness without skis or snowshoes.
Walking with Bob on my birthday into the solitude of the forest was wonderful.
Though it was cold, sunlight warmed our shoulders.

I noticed the seat of the swing was partially snowless so I sat a minute.
Unfortunately, it was impossible to actually swing!
But, day by day, there is more melt, so someday soon I'll sit there with my Kindle.

Last night, Bob cooked me a delicious dinner of crab legs, veggies, and salad. 
Tonight, we'll snack on small plates -
AND - chocolate cake with enormous strawberries...

When it's your birthday and you're 76, it's OK to be spoiled.

I'm thankful for our health and grateful for the love and friendship bestowed on me.
Every day I look for and find many good things.
I hope you do  too.

Thank you for your visit.
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