Friday, December 20, 2019

A Month of Good Things - Embracing Winter

In the month since I've posted, we've been buried in snow.
In 4 days, 4 feet (1.2m) of snow fell.
Wilderness beckons outside our back door.

The forest is magical in winter.
Trees are shrouded in white.

For exercise, I bundle into warm layers and clip into the touring skis.
The crunch of snow and the groan of my cold skis keep me company.  
A stillness enters my mind and my heart.

Always, I'm alert for wildlife, especially moose.
Luckily, with snow on the ground, fresh tracks tell us where they're roaming.

In the morning, golden light sparkles on snow.

By afternoon, blue shadows lengthen.

I light candles early.
The fire is already blazing.

As darkness falls, we're warm and cozy.

The delights of winter are my Good Things today.

Thank you for visiting.
I wish you peace and calm this holiday season.
May love abide with you.

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