Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Let There Be Color and Blue Sky!

Summer is slipping away quietly.
Nights inch toward freezing.
Many wildflowers go to seed.

A few late-bloomers still dazzle in meadows and beside trails.

I hike winding paths through alpine meadows into deep old-growth forests.

Always, the mountains stand sentry.

High peaks still glisten white in sunlight. 
Old snow becomes the base for new as winter approaches.

My eyes roam near and far, receiving end of season gifts.

Sometimes, I'm alone in the vast landscape of wilderness.
Other times, family or friends are my companions.
I relax and enjoy my surroundings but remain alert.
Animals are busy preparing dens and gorging for winter.
Moose begin their mating season.
Sometimes, two bulls have an interest in the same cow so tempers flare.
We might see an injured bull limping in search of a mate.
Bears roam even in daylight hours.
They must accumulate fat for the long winter.
Neighbors report bears encounters.

I hug summer tightly, wanting it to remain awhile.
White will come soon enough.
For today, let there be color and blue sky.

Photos are of summer hikes I've taken.
Wildflowers were plentiful.
Days were clear and cool at high altitude.
It is one of the finest summers I've experienced in 30 years.

The beauty of summer is my One Good Thing.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever the season,
look for the beauty that is sure to surround you.

Thank you for visiting.

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