Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bonus Time

in the past week
I've moved through
varying ecosystems:

Granite Mt, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, AZ

 desert wilderness

open space, Denver, CO

 urban greenbelt

Breckenridge Ski area - May 2014
high altitude peaks

Mile High City and snow covered Continental Divide

 back to the city
with views of peaks

each place I visit - so different
yet, each in its own way
full of wonder:
a celebration

and so it is with all of us:
bound by our shared humanity
yet unique individuals
splendid and wonderous

Barb inside glass sculpture - Scottsdale, AZ

my son says that living after age 70 is "bonus time"
tomorrow, I begin Bonus Time

I hope to continue life's adventure!
(another One Good Thing)


  1. Birthdays are good things. Celebrate and keep,enjoying all those good things!

  2. Sending you all the very best for your birthday! I am a couple of years past the 70 and hadn't thought of it as a bonus, but very often it is a joy. I especially love the photo of the snow on the Continental Divide....ah, such great memories of growing up in your beautiful state. Go well.

  3. loved your varying views. loved your selfie, too! bless you on your bonus+ birthday!!!

  4. Wonderful shots of the varying ecosystems. Wishing you an amazing birthday and oodles of 'bonus' time!

  5. In a glass sculpture, Wow, and the bonus years, enjoy every one, Views across the states, season's beauty so different. Happy Birthday Barb, warmest happy wishes from us both, Hugh and Jean.

  6. Celebration of nature, celebration of humanity, celebration of uniqueness and celebration of a life - you packed in all! A very Happy Birthday to you, Barb and here's to many more bonus times in the future!

  7. Happy Birthday, Barb! Lovely self-portrait, enjoy your bonus time. :)

  8. Barb, Happy Birthday!
    You must have very good lungs! All the varying altitudes you have traveled through would build great lung capacity.
    Good sailing for you in this 'bonus time'!

  9. As we journey through life there is so much to celebrate, just the wonder of a new day is a celebration.
    Barb, I wish you the most wonderful birthday, a day of joy and love with whomever you celebrate your "Bonus time" with.
    Wonderful shots

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Even the desert browns are breath-taking!

  11. I always enjoy seeing the desert. Happy Birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday Barb! Glad you enjoyed our desert and captured it with your camera.

  13. This post is many good things! I love your self-portrait. And the vistas in each ecosystem are wonderful.

  14. Happy Birthday Barb! When you son is older, he'll understand that 70 is not old, it's a frame of mind. Love all your recently visited environments.

  15. Happy birthday, Barb. I like the idea of bonus time, and certainly hope I get to enjoy it, too. ,y daughter tells me I should never complain about getting older - "it's a privilege denied to many" she's right - how did our kids get so wise? Have a wonderful birthday!

  16. What a beautiful post, Barb. Happy & Abundant Bonus Time to you!!!! :)

  17. Some stunning pictures, thank you for sharing x

  18. Lovely scenery! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  19. Lovely shots and lovely places. Like the last one....waterlogue app ? Happy Birthday. (belated)

  20. Happy belated birthday, Barb! I always looked at life after 80 as bonus time :)


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