Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Rocky Mountain Spring

Seasons change subtly at high altitude.
Winter has the starring role
with summer edging onto the stage
for a few brief months. 
Spring and fall barely have speaking roles.

Though spring is nominally here,
winter still takes command.

Days are longer and temperatures slowly rise.
Though snow melts, it also continues to fall.

Welcome to my Rocky Mountain spring!

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  1. We had snow two nights ago, but it's all gone now. Beautiful captures and edits Barb!

    PS -- goose eggs are far richer than hen eggs, taste great and are good for baking. :)

  2. that last image is just fabulous! beautiful edits.

    here in texas, summer takes the biggest stage.

  3. Guess I hadn't thought about seasons playing a role in the year, but down here, spring would maybe be dominant, longer hours of sunshine, bulbs and spring flowers everywhere, new greenery, black skies forgotten, further south, winter would have the leading role, snow, short daylight, roads closed, fairy wonderland with icicles and frost. Our summer has gone, but still I see brown paddocks, bare after no rain for way too long, crops ready to harvest, some already done and the stubble burnt off .Love your editing, super last one. Cheers, Jean.

  4. I do love the snow even though I love spring just a 'little bit more'
    Beautiful shots, as always Barb, you capture the snow so wonderfully.
    It is the most gorgeous spring day here and not an inkling of snow.

    Take care

  5. That last photo should be hanging on a wall somewhere. Gorgeous!

  6. Nicely said Barb.
    We are at sea-level and I am beginning to wonder if your apt description here could apply to us as well.
    Love the photos! And Happy Spring!

  7. We had melting temps yesterday, and a pile of heavy snow again today! The snow is still feet deep & difficult to navigate this time of year. Our poor dog was having a heck of a time out there today!
    Winter & summer are similar here - Long & Short. Although we definitely have fall & spring, too. :)

  8. Winter sure does have the staring role around here, too. Your space and mine are looking quite similar today.. minus the mountains. ;) Lovely pics and effects, Barb.

  9. Definitely not what most of us think of as Spring -- but oh so beautiful. You do get sunshine and longer days. I am wondering if you do evening ski ventures to take advantage of them.

  10. I'm glad you are ok with a snowy a Spring. I think I've lived too long in KY to feel that way.

  11. Winter stars here too, though not quite as long as up in your mountains. It is spring inside with my many plants blooming but outside white is still the dominant colour!

  12. Am in love with that app....thanks for sharing your beautiful winter photos (eventho it is officially spring)

  13. That last shot is wonderful!

  14. We don't live as high as you do, but I realized that my definition of spring is that the snowpack is melting faster than the snow is falling. Lovely photos... and I love that last one too!

  15. Enjoy those Grands, Barb.
    More coming next week, yes, you will need a spring break when they are gone ...LOL

  16. Beautiful photos, Barb! I love the watercolour look.

  17. Oh gosh, I love that shot!
    Enjoy the time with your grandkids.
    I see you still have lots of snow there.

    Have fun.

  18. Hi Barb
    Hope you are having an awesome time with the grands .
    Look forward to your return


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