Monday, January 20, 2014

Zen Garden

zen garden
the eyes rest
the spirit calms

to have the rake in hand
perhaps before dawn or
just at dusk before sunset
the tines flowing around rock
streams and mountains forming
from the most essential elements
moving slowly, carefully
each moment a blessing
a kinetic meditation

the Zen Garden in winter, Denver Botanic Garden


  1. Indeed, the spirit calms reading your words and looking at the Zen garden. Just what I need for a tranquil evening. Love it.

  2. Very lovely and tranquil.

  3. So beautiful barb, this reminded me of my visit to one such rock garden in Nara. Your zen words just infused life in my nostalgia.

  4. I imagine the raking activity to be very calming indeed. Lovely image Barb.

  5. That garden with the gentle patterns does whisper peaceful doesn't it.

  6. There is something peaceful about those delicate curvy lines next to the large boulders. :)

  7. Beautiful both photo and perfect words. The culture fascinates me.

  8. Zen gardens (and everything to do with that culture) fascinates me. Beautiful picture and perfect words.

  9. The peace of place. It is wonderful to see the wholeness of Earth in such a garden with its soothing flow of "streams and mountains." Very nice.

  10. Thank you for the words and nice photo. I will be a follower...
    Also have a blog of my japanese garden -
    Best regards!

  11. A beautiful meditation - lovely patterns.


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