Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

I woke this morning thinking about the importance of attitude.

Attitudes are formed from life experiences and from expectations
set in place from childhood.
Confidence hinges on attitude.
Happiness depends on attitude.
Resilience relies on attitude.
Attitude affects performance.
Well-being or dis-ease are influenced by attitude.

Attitude determines how life is perceived and evaluated.
I can be negative or positive - the choice is mine to make.
I can close mind and heart against all that isn't "true" or "right."
Or, I can open mind and heart to understand and appreciate nuances.
My attitude is the only thing in life that is totally under my control.
If I'm having a "bad" day - my choice.
If I feel frustrated, angry, bitter - my choice.
If I judge harshly - my choice.
If I hate - my choice.
(The opposites are also true.)

I believe it's possible to alter attitude,
but it takes mindfulness and willingness to change.
Attitude begs me to ask the question,
"Why am I thinking, feeling, acting in a particular way?"

Moment by moment,
life demands adjustment.
Attitude determines responses 
to life's changing drama.

Snow adds whimsy to Yarrow which will soon be buried under white.
Nature hinges on change and adjustment.
The cycle demands adaptation.

Finding One Good Thing depends on your focus, your perception, your judgement.
Have you thought about your attitude lately?
Do you think it needs an adjustment?


  1. you are a very wise woman, i think. i need to keep your words handy.

  2. The yarrow is lovely.

    Your message is so important. When I realized, a number of years ago, that pain might be my constant companion, I did lots of reading about mindfulness... and the message was very similar to yours. It changed me, forever. I still fall down sometimes - but I remember to ask the question you suggested and to take one moment at a a time.

    Your posts always make me think. Thank you.

  3. Yes, and thank you for the reminder.

  4. Thanks, Barb! This post was perfect for me today.
    Love that combination flower and snow shot.

  5. I'm pretty much always a positive person. Your words however are so wise for those of us who slip occasionally to the dark side. I REALLY love that picture of the snow on the Yarrow.

  6. I think everybody can use a little tuneup on their attitude occasionally -- even if it's running along pretty well most of the time. Thank you for the reminder.

  7. ...have been bombarded with some not-so happy things lately and am trying to be mindful of what I have to be thankful for instead of wallowing... thank you for this timely post Barb.

  8. Oh Barb, thanks for the much needed 'nudge' this morning. I am in need of of a little adjustment of attitude.
    It is so easy to believe everything that runs through our heads/minds and before we know it we have a major 'novel' unfolding and it's mostly fiction!!
    'Alterations' are necessary if one wants peace in this journey.
    Thanks so much for this Barb. I like your attitude!

  9. What a GREAT post! I do find that my attitude is definitely NOT as good in the winter months.....when there is less sunlight. It is something I have to work on daily!

  10. I so agree with the "choice" aspect of your little essay. Just right for the moment, as I am making a work transition with a major client that I had deemed "unsuccessful". A colleague essentially told me this week that I needed an attitude adjustment about my own perfectionism...she pointed out the successes of this particular experience. I had a choice at that very moment...go with the negative where I had been, or, focus on what was actually accomplished, not what was not. Loved your post. It took me where I needed to go this week!

  11. Yes, always. I think your post is a great reminder to adjust, and I thank you for that. Your snow capped yarrow image is just gorgeous.

  12. Words so very true. How very important to keep an eye on our attitude and make changes when necessary. Your words and photo illustrate it so beautifully.

  13. I laugh at myself often when developing some negativity

  14. came back to say congrats on your POTW from hilary!

  15. What a great post!! How true it all is. I often have to re-adjust and stop myself from negativity. It is definitely a discipline--for my anyway! Congrats on your POTW mention at The Smitten Image; well deserved. :)

  16. Very wise indeed. And a lovely shot too.

  17. True, and beautiful at the same time. So much is dependent on the frame of mind one puts oneself in.

  18. Pearls of wisdom! Really a wonderful read Barb! I also read your latest post and the first picture on that one is just so very beautiful. How I would love to spend some time at that place. Wish you a very Happy New Year in advance :)

  19. Absolutely right on! I love this, and have been trying to convey this very message to someone very close to me, who is on a downer...I will share this right away! Thank you...HAPPY, HAPPY DAY TO YOU! Aloha and Peace be with you!

  20. I think alot about this... but sometimes, it IS the other person! Lol. Just kidding. Great words and very thoughtful post Barb -- I often need to do some serious attitude adjusting because I tend to lean to the negative.


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