Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last night I heard water running off the eaves.
Getting out of bed to investigate, I saw that the windows
of the Great Room were rain-spattered.
Rain and not snow!
Thank Goodness!

June 1, 2013 - ski trails melting - finally!

Spring has come to the high country at last.

I attended 2 school promotions the past 2 weeks.
My former student from 20 years ago now has young children of her own.
Originally from El Salvador, I met her and taught her English at Colorado Mountain College.
I helped her study for the General Education Diploma.
Finally, I became her tutor as she worked toward earning an associate degree at CMC.
After graduation, she became a US citizen.
My husband gave her away in marriage 11 years ago.
So many years have passed.
Today, it is her children I encourage.

Preschool "Graduation" - Kindergarten here he comes!

I am blessed to see another generation of children striving to better themselves.

My student and her daughter who will enter 6th grade at Middle School next session.

Happy smiles this spring.
Endless possibilities.


  1. What a blessing you are to this family and to all the others you've taught.

    And I love the sound of rain hitting the roof and windows. In your case, though, I'd be downright joyous!! :)

  2. And life goes on and we celebrate those transitions.

  3. oh, what a wonderful thing that you've kept in touch all these years! love that your hubby gave her away. :)

  4. That is such a great lovely that you have remained in contact and can celebrate this 2nd generation!!

  5. I can't imagine what you would have thought had that been snow! Such an inspiring story.

  6. You are the first person I know who is happy to get rain.


  7. A good teacher's influence never stops!

  8. That is the reward that never makes it to the teachers paycheck but is so very valuable. What a blessing that she has stayed in your life.

  9. Your gentle hand has touched two generations now... what a great legacy you are leaving behind Barb. xo

  10. Such a lovely post. And how wonderful to hear that you are still in contact!

  11. Welcome to Spring!

    Teachers are some of my favorite people. I highly respect people who genuinely give of themselves to better someone else. I wish all people had a "Barb" when needed. :)

  12. This is very nice - it's wonderful that you've been an inspiration to someone who has gone on to do well!

  13. Barb, it is wonderful to see that after many years you are still an influential part of this woman's life....and her children's.

  14. Dear Barb,
    How quickly one generation is replaced by the next. I have a high regard for your love to your student and passion for education.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  15. What a gift--to see your nurturing and teaching passed down through the generations. Love this. You have a big heart, Ms. Barb.

  16. The welcome rain and the welcome knowledge of the shared impact on lives of folks who "strive". A beautiful synchronicity.

  17. A wonderful story, Barb! As usual, I am going away from your blog inspired.

  18. A very inspiring post Barb! I'm happy you've been blessed with rain, as you're such a blessing to others.

  19. Some jobs are more rewarding that others, that's for sure. I can't imagine anyone coming up to me and telling me that an advertising campaign they saw 20 years ago changed their lives ;)

  20. It is wonderful that you have kept in touch all these years. What satisfaction to see that next generation thriving!


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