Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Emptying the mind
Random ideas collect
On old scaffolding

Recognizing intrusions
I blur the focus
On distractions

 Wreck along the Loneliest Road in America
Route 50 in Nevada


  1. That is what we should all do. Even you poems offer good advice, Barb.
    That looks like it was a neat old car.

  2. Great Haiku and gorgeous picture The car has found a new usage I guess

  3. That's a cool picture Barb. Did you take that one?
    Love Di ♥

  4. I've been on America's Loneliest Road, and we weren't lonely. It was February and we were driving cross country heading toward CA. We planned to camp the whole way but the campground somewhere on that road was closed. There were no dog-friendly hotels so we decided to set up our tent by the locked gate to the campground. As we started to set up camp, headlights beamed on us, heading up the side road toward us. We both said "damn, we're about to be thrown out". But, it turned out to be a forest service worker who wanted to camp there that night too. He and his wife had the universal key to open all USFS campground gates around the country. We all went in and camped. And, in the morning, we discovered that we were camped under pine trees laden with ripe pine nuts.

    We shared breakfast with our new friends, and we all went on our way. It's a wonderful memory.

    I love your photo and your poem about meditation. I'm glad to see you writing again.

  5. That's quiet a special picture !

  6. An art I have not mastered - still seeking stillness...

  7. I do enjoy your way with words and camera. You are able to distill an idea down to its essential parts.

  8. WHOA! LOVE that photo!! And I like the idea of blurring the focus on distractions. It's hard to do sometimes but wonderful when the mind cooperates. :)

  9. I like your image of "emptying the mind" and "random ideas collect on old scaffolding." Meditation is so hard with all the distractions our mind creates. So hard to turn off at times.

    I love your photo and I'm happy to see you're still writing too :-)

  10. I love the still and antique atmosphere of the photo, which is in deep meditation for a long time.

  11. To blur the focus on distraction is to master meditation!

    I like your new poetry blog. . .


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