Saturday, January 19, 2013

Transformation - Mindful Writing Challenge

I used so many words yesterday
there were none left for mindful writing.

I'm in the city.
I have errands and appointments.
Constant interaction with doctors, strangers, and shop people
exhausts me.
When I was younger, I thrived on this mix.
Now, not so much.

One of my last stops is at the salon for a hair cut.
It's the high point of my day.
My "gal" is not young.
However, she's very hip.
Red lips and swinging asymmetrical blonde hair,
she's wearing skinny boyfriend jeans (rolled of course)
just above her high-heeled ankle boots.
Tight black tank dress shows just a hint of lacy black t-shirt.

I'm in my usual and very ordinary black on black,
yoga pants and T.

She pays strict attention as I sit in the chair.
(An artist ready to create a masterpiece?)
After shampooing, massaging, and patting dry,
she raises her scissors and begins. 
Grey hair flies from my scalp.
We laugh and talk as she works.
My hair gets shorter and shorter.
She twists and gels it into spikes.
I am transformed in less than an hour.
I am still a grammy, but now a hip grammy.
I'm thinking about ankle boots or at least skinny jeans.
The new me.


  1. this made me smile - even before i saw the pic. :) i love short and hip and sassy! :)

  2. Good for you -- I am smiling (and wishing I could visit your stylist!)

  3. Yay for hip old women. I wonder if I could be one without a lacy T, high heels, skinny jeans or asymmetrical hair.

  4. If I closed my eyes, I am sure my hip hairdresser would do the same to me. I would go for the skinny jeans and maybe a little lace under a go girl!!

  5. Clothes to suit the snazzy new hairdo, why not. Be hip, be mod, be whatever takes your fancy, and enjoy it all!! Cheers from Jean

  6. THis was FANTASTIC, my most favorite of yours. That wild image... reminds me of Andy Warhol. I love the way you describe the hairdresser with such beauty. XO

  7. How wonderful to go in as one you and come out as another you....and yet, it is the same you. Sounds just great. Congratulations on surviving the uproar of the city and going home with a new outlook.

  8. You're looking good!

  9. Yea for the hip grammy! Now is the time to embrace it all - the wisdom and your youth. Inside and out. Yippeee. Sounds like you are doing it despite the adult stuff like doctoring etc. We are all in this together - so have fun! Andrea

  10. If not now, when... Learning that pleasing me is important and not caring what others think.

  11. I love it! What happened to growing your hair out? Yes, do get at least one new outfit to go with the hair. Wear it when your boys visit!

    This was one of your best pieces. It surely brightened my morning.

  12. Barb..thank you so much for stopping by my place and saying hi. I am forever seeking like-minded photo buffs because my continued photography is inspired by others. I love finding new photo blogs and meeting other who share my passion! So very nice to meet you! I will definitely be coming back!


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