Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Body's Resilience

On Wednesday, September 4, I started on my daily 5 mile walk.
Within 5 minutes of leaving my front door, I was lying on the road, stunned and bleeding.
I think my foot slipped off the edge of the road.
Whatever the cause, I was thrown hard onto asphalt.

Immediately, I could feel my body going into shock. 
A gash from my elbow toward my right wrist dripped blood.  
I was bleeding from the heels of both hands.
Pain radiated from my left wrist though I could wiggle my fingers.

I had to lie there a minute to take stock.
However, since I was on the road, I needed to rise.
Remember how I've been practicing getting up not using hands or arms?
Luckily, my body responded to that movement.

I tottered the few yards to my front door and called for Bob.
He helped me to the bathroom, where we assessed damage.

The cuts and abrasions really smarted.
They were covered in road dirt.
Bob tried oh so gently to clean them.
I nearly fainted, so we called a timeout to assess other damages.

My wrist hurt, but I could rotate it plus move the fingers.
I decided I needed to concentrate on cleaning the wounds.
I poured tea tree over them and scrubbed with a clean cloth.
I took many deep, wavering breaths but persevered.
The oil in the tea tree loosened the dirt.
I'm happy to say it actually burned less than cold water.
Plus, tea tree is a disinfectant.

By the next morning, my wrist was aching, swollen, and bruised.
We decided I needed an x-ray to make sure there wasn't a break.
I spent Thursday morning in the ER.

Good news and bad news:
No break but a sprain which requires a sturdy brace and weeks to heal.

Each day since, I wake with new aches and pains.
Nothing major is wrong except a 75 year old body complains.
Back, shoulder, ribs have added insult to injury.
I force my body upright and keep it moving.
Movement seems to help the hurt.

Today, I walked the trails but not 5 miles.
I was happy to be outside but glad to return home to rest.

I'm healing slowly but surely.
I've taken tumbles all my life on skis, on bikes, and on hiking trails.
But, at 75, falling takes a toll both emotionally and physically.
I'm careful, but accidents happen.
Now, I must be patient with healing.

My One Good Thing today is my body's resilience.
I'm also happy to have a helpful husband.

Photos are recent but have nothing to do with my fall.

Remember to look for One Good Thing!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Let There Be Color and Blue Sky!

Summer is slipping away quietly.
Nights inch toward freezing.
Many wildflowers go to seed.

A few late-bloomers still dazzle in meadows and beside trails.

I hike winding paths through alpine meadows into deep old-growth forests.

Always, the mountains stand sentry.

High peaks still glisten white in sunlight. 
Old snow becomes the base for new as winter approaches.

My eyes roam near and far, receiving end of season gifts.

Sometimes, I'm alone in the vast landscape of wilderness.
Other times, family or friends are my companions.
I relax and enjoy my surroundings but remain alert.
Animals are busy preparing dens and gorging for winter.
Moose begin their mating season.
Sometimes, two bulls have an interest in the same cow so tempers flare.
We might see an injured bull limping in search of a mate.
Bears roam even in daylight hours.
They must accumulate fat for the long winter.
Neighbors report bears encounters.

I hug summer tightly, wanting it to remain awhile.
White will come soon enough.
For today, let there be color and blue sky.

Photos are of summer hikes I've taken.
Wildflowers were plentiful.
Days were clear and cool at high altitude.
It is one of the finest summers I've experienced in 30 years.

The beauty of summer is my One Good Thing.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever the season,
look for the beauty that is sure to surround you.

Thank you for visiting.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 53rd wedding anniversary.

We plan a quiet, candlelit dinner for two here at the house. 
Next week, we'll celebrate again by going to Vail for several days.

I remember how young we were 53 years ago.
We had no idea then the adventures we'd have.

Through turmoil and calm, good and bad, the marriage endured.

We're very grateful for our life together.

The blossoming love I felt on August 14, 1966 is still in my heart.
When we awoke this morning, Bob said,
"Happy Anniversary to my Bride of 53 years."

My husband is my One Good Thing today
(and every day we are given).

Photos are of flowers in our gardens taken with Olympus OMD-EM1.

Thank You for visiting.
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Sunday, July 21, 2019


Our son just left - it's early morning. 
He and I were up before dawn. 

He's doing a charity bike ride to benefit Children's Hospital. 
He's riding today in memory of a little girl who lost her battle with cancer. 
To think of losing a child!

 I sit with him in predawn darkness.
We speak in quiet voices as light begins to filter softly through the forest.

Tragedy and hope fill our hearts.

Life is bittersweet.
Yin and yang - light and dark.

Sadness and joy.

The balance of life -
One Good Thing

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bloom Time

Our winter snows reward us now with abundant wildflowers.
High altitude summers are brief but spectacular.

snow above treeline continues to melt

wild roses scent the air

the blue Columbine is Colorado's state flower

finding the tiny red Columbine is a special treat

Parry's Primrose grows close to water

delicate Bog Orchids are just starting to bloom

Each walk in the woods or through a meadow is magical.

Tenmile Range and Lake Dillon

The present moment yields many treasures.

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Finally Summer!

emerging buds on willow bushes

It snowed into June, but finally sunny summer has arrived.

Lehman Creek dances down the mountain

Creeks and rivers run high from snowmelt.

tiny Fairy Slipper (Calypso Orchids) put a smile on my face

Wildflowers grow in profusion in mountain meadows and wet areas.

Globe Flowers beside a boggy trail

We're surrounded by green in every shade imaginable.

Brook Cress

We keep busy tending our property and walking the trails.

sweet smelling purple Lupine with yellow Arnica

We savor renewal after a hard winter.


Growth in all forms is my One Good Thing today.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wild (Flowers and Animals)

We're back in Breckenridge.
It takes time to adjust to the altitude.
However, most days, I get out and walk for exercise.

A cow moose traverses our property with a gangly newborn.
I don't try to photograph them because of stressing her and the baby.
I did take a photo of a yearling moose clomping down our street.
(I was in the car, going for groceries.)

We see foxes daily.
Some pass through quickly and others linger.
One tiny fox rests by our dining room window.

It looks inside to see what we're doing.

I hiked on Gold HIll this week with a friend.
Wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Meadows are spangled with yellow Arnica.

But, this morning we woke to white.
More snow is in the forecast.
Winter infringes on summer.

Wildflowers, and wild things (and, yes, even white!) make me smile today.
Always One Good Thing!

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