Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day's End

Hushed in the forest
Skis glide over animal tracks
Low sun a prism
Friends heading home

A River of Stones


  1. I am beginning to know your trails, Barb, and they are very beautiful

  2. This poem reminds me of the time when I parted friends after playing together as a child. In the hushed park, the light was leaving, crows as well as we were heading for the nest. It was one of the most tender moments. Oh, Barb, you made me nostalgic!

    The picture is so beautiful! I wonder as an immature photographer how you can shoot such sunlight.

  3. Lovely ambiance of this photo! You and your friends really play.

  4. So lovely. I lived in Colorado for many years, including Crested Butte for a short time. This poem and photo remind me of the magical, quiet beauty of snow. (I now live in the Pacific Northwest, where we only get snow once or twice a year.)

  5. I agree with everyone, it is beautiful.


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