Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Small Stone - 10 - Summer Hike

Yesterday, we took a hike. We looped a trail that I often ran when I was in my 60's. In those "younger" days, I would wake at dawn, leave alone, and cover 5 miles before breakfast.

We hiked for 3 1/2 hours. I'm slow mainly because I must watch my footing. I depend on Bob to warn me if he sees a bear or a moose.  While hiking, the trail directly in front of me is my main focus.

Bald Mountain and a field of Senecio

Of course, I also stop frequently to photograph the landscape.

He's endlessly patient. When he gets ahead, he stops to wait. 

halfway point

On the first half of the hike he would sometimes say, "How are you doing?"  
Coming back, he didn't ask because he figured I had to keep going to get home!

I was happy to see the path leading to our back door.

At 80, I'm pleased with 5 miles even if it does take half the day to hike it.

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