Monday, July 1, 2024

Small Stone - 1 - Memories

I started this blog in 2011 to participate in an international Small Stone writing challenge. A Small Stone is a brief, mindful observation that may take the form of poetry or journaling. Some of the blog friends I made through the years of writing Stones use the practice to encourage daily introspection and creativity. 

For the month of July, I begin once again writing Small Stones. 
As is my practice, I often use a photo along with the stone.

Forget-me-nots blooming in our yard

Yesterday, we remembered a little girl, a neighbor child, who died as a 5 year old.
Her family visited with us - she would be 18 now - her class just graduated from high school.
Her 2 younger siblings (one born after her death) are beautiful girls, bright and accomplished.
We smiled to learn about the family's travels and adventures.

Later, when we were alone, I cried.
We will never forget that long-ago child even as we celebrate the living children of today.   

Memories both good and bad make up a lifetime.
I'm not sure what the lesson is, but I'm still learning it.

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