Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Small Stone - Wild Blooming - 15

July is the time for blooming. 
I have no formal gardens, only gardens without borders.
Both wildflowers and perennials self-sow.
I never know what will come up or where.
My gardens and wildflower yard are prettily disheveled. 

These photos are from my front yard.
Hybrid Lupine and Shasta Daisies are the first to bloom.
Next will come Fireweed, Dianthus, and Maltese Cross.

I know people who keep formal gardens are appalled.
For me, the colors and disorganization are bliss.
I'm in love with each day's new discovery.

A "wild" yard doesn't mean I don't weed.
I spent several hours this morning pulling up Chamomile Daisies.
They're a noxious weed in Colorado - I've been battling them for 30 years.
They grow all around the neighborhood and seed onto my property.
They like to make believe they're Shasta Daisies, but they don't fool me!

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