Monday, July 6, 2020

Small stone - Moose - 6

scars on our aspens from gnawing moose

moose are herbaceous and love aspen bark
most of our aspens are tattooed by their chew marks
they gnaw deep into the inner layers of the tree
a full-grown moose consumes about 75 pounds of food a day
we prefer them to keep moving when they wander onto our property

we constantly watch for them when we're hiking
they're easily camouflaged by our lodgepole pines
several times, we've gotten closer than is safe
we immediately back away

the bulls are most dangerous at rut in the fall
cows are defensive with calves that they mother for a year
they're one of our largest and most destructive wildlife inhabitants
if they feel threatened, they charge, kicking and ramming to defend themselves
moose can run to speeds of 35 mph

staying far enough away from them is prudent
you can't outrun them

This young bull is probably a two year old, wandering by himself at the edge of our property.
This was in spring so he was still shedding his coat
and just starting to grow his rack.

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