Friday, July 10, 2020

Small Stone - Hello Bear - 10

We had a bit of excitement this morning. We'd just returned from our hike and were still in our back yard. I was near the wooden swing, taking photos of all the lovely purple Lupine surrounding it. Bob was a few yards away, putting some water in the stream. I got up from a crouch and saw movement in front of me. A large male bear was walking up the side yard and just coming past me. I watched it a second or two to make sure it wasn't interested in me. I called to Bob in a normal voice, "Bob...bear..." I didn't want to startle it or draw undue attention to myself.

The bear obviously knew we were there but luckily paid no heed to either one of us. I videoed it as it continued walking out of our yard into the forest. Earlier, at the beginning of our hike, we noticed a bear had traveled the same trail we were on, using its claws to rip open stumps trying to find a meal of insects. So, we were on high alert in case we'd come upon it. By the time we got back to our house, we didn't give the bear a second thought. 

The video dips to the forest floor for a short bit because I enabled the zoom on my phone and had some trouble focusing on the moving bear. So, you can see the Lupine that we
have growing in abundance as well as Mr Bear!

I admit my heart did a little pitter pat when I saw it, and my adrenaline was a bit high for a little while. Luckily, the bear had no interest in us. It seemed to know where it wanted to go and moved steadily in that direction. 
Maybe it was going home for a nap.

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