Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Sit/Stand Exercise

I'm trying to keep fit in my old age.

It's suggested that a measure of fitness at any age is if a person can lower him/herself to the floor and get back up again without using hands, arms, or knees as supports. If you can do this simple exercise, you have a strong musculoskeletal foundation which is a predictor of good health. 
(If you Google sit/stand test, you'll get a million hits.)

I'm unable to do it, much to the delight of 6 year old Sam who gets up and down without any problem at all (even when giggling the whole time).  However, I'm practicing daily, so maybe I'll be successful at some point. I can sit down on a 7" (17 cm) step quite easily and rise again with no problem. 
I practice doing this several times a day.

What about you?
I hope you're as flexible and strong as Sam!

PS If you have problem knees or back, don't even try it.

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Pop Pop and Sam - possibly thinking up a new exercise to keep Grammy occupied