Friday, March 1, 2019

Listen to the Silence

We woke this morning to white.
Snow fell during the night and continued falling all day.
Bob left early to downhill ski with a friend.
I sat in front of the fire sipping coffee and reading a book.

Sometimes, I can find excuses not to exercise outside -
too cold, too windy, too snowy.

Luckily, I know that within 10 minutes of starting up the trail I'm happy to be in the forest.

I follow a winding path of fox tracks nearly erased by new snow.

At some places I have to bend low and do the limbo to pass under laden pines.

I greet a small family of trees huddled together in their white world.

When I come to a cross trail, I have to decide  - turn or go straight?
Since I'm alone breaking trail, I decide the shorter straight ahead route is better.

It's very quiet in the forest with snow swirling all around me.
Even my skis don't make their usual squeaking/moaning sounds.
They're muffled under snow that covers my boot.
I feel both calmness and elation as I glide homeward.
My surroundings are a gift that I never tire of receiving.

My hope is that you have a place that gives you peace and joy.
The purity of snow is my One Good Thing today.

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