Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Shadow and Pattern

After the month of Small Stones, rest was required. How do some people post every day? 
I heard from many long-time blog friends by e-mail during and after the Small Stones. 
Thank you - it's fun to know someone is reading the blog!

The web, the cell phone, the computer, the tablet - everybody's world revolves around instant news and immediate social contact. People are lost without this connection. I'm an anomaly, I think - perhaps it's my (old) age. I need to have a rest from technology now and then. We don't subscribe to cable TV any longer. I never watch news programs and, to tell the truth, I rarely read it. Too much of what passes for news is manufactured fiction nowadays. People seem to get upset over nothing much. There is so much political polarization and social correctness all over the world that ordinary people with ordinary lives who do the best they can to support their families and show charity and understanding toward others get lost in the shuffle of movie stars, politicians, and pundits who like to think they have the last word.
They don't...

Here in my tiny corner of the universe, my simple life continues.

I rise in the morning giving thanks for another day.

I smile and try to interact with others by bestowing small kindnesses.

I observe and attempt to restrain judgement (never easy).

I have no importance whatsoever.

I look for good and find it - daily.

The quiet simplicity of winter is my One Good Thing today.

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