Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seeds of Hope

summer blooms

in fall I sow seeds with fanciful names:
gay butterflies
red carpet sedum
origami columbine
sightseeing veronica 
thriller lady's mantle
victoria forget-me-not
noble and red flame lupine
violet and white gayfeather
mystica and rondo penstemon
silver carpet snow-in-summer
fruit punch, harem, pizzicato, and queen alexandra poppy

dreaming of summer blooming

wilting daisies keep me company
white upon white

hundreds of dreams now dormant:
seeds of hope
covered by snow
doze until spring

through trial and error
over 24 years at high altitude
my method is this:
wait until a snow that will form the base
mix seeds and sand in a pail
determine areas of sunlight and shade
fling the seed with all good wishes and plenty of hope
wait patiently for June when the first green shoots emerge

I believe in miracles
I believe in One Good Thing

(it's snowing hard at this moment - the seeds sleep)


  1. fling the seeds with all good wishes and plenty of hope. :) love it.

  2. I wonder if little creatures also enjoy your snow miracles and distribute, through their natural "processes", blooms even deeper into the forest? Beautiful names and a beautiful way of anticipating Spring.

  3. Lovely. And that beautiful season of warmth will always return. I love the white on white.

  4. You plant the seeds in the snow? Interesting.

  5. You taught me this one, and now I do it too!!! But, here, we don't get a snow base that will stay until around Thanksgiving... and so I wait until then. My favorite has been ALL of the columbines that are sprouting everywhere. I adore them. Thanks for your One Good Thing, Barb - you taught me an important lesson of hope.

  6. How very gorgeous! Seeds of hope and of good things...

  7. Well, it works. Your flowers are very nice. Unless, I end up in the desert, I will try this at my next place.

  8. Ooh, I like your way to plant. Like Lady Bountiful.

  9. I believe in miracles, too.

    I like the way you've formed your poetry into triangles. I'm not a poet so I don't know if perhaps that has some significance?

  10. I didn't know you could throw seeds on top of the snow - it makes sense, but hadn't heard of it before. I often see columbine in English gardens but never the gorgeous blue larkspur. Stay warm :)

  11. I like your 'method' here Barb and with all your practice, I can see that your hope and patience do 'pay off'.
    'Hundreds of dreams now dormant'.......this will stay with me, thanks.

  12. Beautiful prose poem ... words that I will remember. thank you!!

  13. I believe in the planting of seeds--and the miracles which the Universe sows. It's good to imagine that perhaps dreams must lie dormant, perhaps while they gather strength and proper timing to sprout.

  14. Sounds easy enough -- we should all do this. The world would be a more colorful place. :)

  15. A wonderful way to plant hope. We all need to scatter more seeds and see what flourishes.

  16. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and the lovely images ... such a contrast with the snow and the withered daisies, yet so pure and true ... dying in order to bloom in the spring.

  17. I always get more than just "one good thing" when I visit your blog! Your thoughts inspire, and I love your method of sowing seeds with hope for spring.


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