Friday, October 11, 2013

A Week of Randomness

We're still in the midst of remodeling.
Patience is a much-needed commodity.

I removed everything from my entry wall for the painters.
My husband suggests I replace the antique photos of relatives
with some of my own photography.
Mmmm - we'll see.

I admire the perseverance of the Bristlecone Pine.
Though gnarled and bent, it yields and endures.
(However, lately, I'm less like the tree and more like the cones - bristly!)

Early in the week, I hiked a path of gold.
Thank goodness for the time I spend outdoors.
It renews my spirit.

Snow clouds approached yesterday as I took my walk.
This morning Angelica, my garden angel, wore a white shawl and muff.

I met a black bear on the trail this week.
I wrote about the encounter at Live and Learn.
I'm glad to say both the bear and I survived.

Thank you to my blog friend, Nancy,
who hosts


  1. holy smokes...

    well, i think the pine tree photo would be a great one to start with on your 'new' wall of frames. :)

  2. oh i love the snow angel. gorgeous views. ( :

  3. Oh your world is beautiful. Be careful out there that is a mighty big bear paw print. Beautiful photos. B

  4. Oh your world is beautiful. Be careful out there that is a mighty big bear paw print. Beautiful photos. B

  5. Gorgeous shots , as always Barb.
    Good luck on the remodeling.
    I think some of your own photography would be splendid as it's beautiful.

    Happy weekend to you ~

  6. What a lovely snow angel! Wispy and not a bit bristly. :)

  7. Yowsers -- a bear? I'll have to go read that pronto.

    Glad you and the bear survived the encounter! xo

  8. Hi, Barb!
    I always like your photos. Those antique photos of your relatives are also lovely. Wow, big footprints of the bear! Be careful!

  9. I went back to check your bear encounter and I can only say "Good Grief." Your calm was amazing.
    As for the pictures, relatives deserve a place but I agree with your husband, your photos definitely deserve being displayed. Maybe a compromise?

  10. I think you should display your work, too. Good idea, Bob!
    Love you muted fall colors.

  11. I absolutely agree, you should hang some of your art work, I am sure the relatives won't mind at all. I had several of my pieces done on canvas and love them. I will forward you their latest sale, they are extremely reasonable & fast. Do it, you will enjoy it. And snow, again?? It is coming, ready or not, but I think you are ready. Hugs.

  12. What a good idea to put your own photos there on the entry wall. And if these are any indication, I think your husband was 'spot on' Barb.
    Isn't it wonderful walking through a forested very cleansing indeed.

  13. I agree with your husband and the other commenters - that your work would look good there. You have so much to choose from! Although, your current display of the relatives has interest and appeal. What a creative idea to hang other objects in the midst.

    How about he bear prints on the wall? lol

  14. Your pictures are beautiful enough for anyone's wall. The garden angel is so sweet with her white scarf....


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