Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Purpose and Focus

icicles on wild roses

sitting by the fire
typing with cold fingers
wind throwing snow pellets
rattling the windowpanes

perhaps a cup of tea
steam rising to my face
warmth leaking into my hands
is in order

more snow now than when this photo
of my husband was taken last week
we are able to cross country ski
John Deere is busy plowing

I'm participating in 21 Days of Gratitude
the first two sessions covered
purpose and focus

we all have a special purpose
sometimes we lose it
needing to find it once again

focus on the present moment
is still my struggle
I'm slowly improving
 which is One Good Thing

be gentle with yourself - as I will be with myself


  1. i love the photos. the one with your husband out there in red among those beautiful trees...

  2. I know how you love your snow -- enjoy!

  3. Super photos, one bright red jacket, great contrast to all white snow, and your words. so true for probably all of us at some time. Greetings, Jean.

  4. Thanks Barb, I just emailed "a letter" to friends about my own repurposing and refocusing before I read this. How wonderful! It is also wonderful that you are blessed with and acknowledging (and sharing) the beauty around you. Brava! Andrea

  5. Jean, Just discovered your blog. Beautiful writings and amazing photographs. What fun to follow someone living in the wilds at 10,000' ! Oh, that we would all take to heart the question on your about page: "What am I going to do with my one wild and precious Life?" Thanks for your words, Carol www.thedivinenatureproject.com

  6. Great combination of the snow and the brown long grass.


  7. Love those icicles on the wild roses. Also, all winter coats should be red, they show up so well in the snow. Yep, I have one too. Can't wait.

  8. You're the best at focusing on the moment of anyone I know (which might say something about me and the people I am with in "real" life as opposed to virtual. I always feel I learn a little about focus and quiet and gratitude when I visit your blogs.

  9. Looking forward to your posts about the days of gratitude. Makes me think about our month of posting small stones.

  10. Oh I cannot wait for this kind of beauty to come to my piece of the world it looks as inviting cold and inviting oh yes I cannot wait. B

  11. Two nice photos. I have never appreciated the fall colors that rose bushes have. Very nice!
    The bottom shot reminds me of Frost's Road Not Taken.

  12. I love the combination of seasons - the wilting of one merging into the crisp white of the new. A focus on the moments of transition.

  13. Being gentle with yourself is one of the hardest lessons to learn. I love the autumn/winter photo.

  14. Be gentle and kind to oneself - such good life lessons! Enjoy the snow.

  15. Ahhh.... a cup of hot tea on a cold day. I can imagine it now.

    "Be gentle with yourself." I like that. Actually, I've been executing that thought as much as possible, but didn't have the words to decribe it. You've given me the words.

  16. Yes Barb, that cup of tea can do wonders.
    It is so easy to stray from the moment and I too am constantly getting wrapped up in anything but this precious moment. But you know what? I am getting a little better at recognizing when I begin to wonder.
    Great winter scenes.

  17. That cuppa sounds good! I am not keen on snow myself (hate the cold) but I'm glad you find joy in it - and it does make beautiful pictures.


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