Monday, September 5, 2011

Magic Mushrooms

Amanita Muscaria is the only hallucinogenic mushroom found in CO. During our wet August, they grew in profusion in the forests at high altitude. They're nicknamed "Fly Agaric" because they were once used as fly poison. Colorful and whimsical-looking, they're actually dangerous if ingested and can cause fatality. A friend's dog nearly died after eating them. Their beauty attracts, but, in this case, red sends a warning.

fairy dust gnome abode
hallucinogenic magic mushroom
intoxicating beauty fatal attraction

I can't identify this mushroom, but I hope it's harmless. 
It reminds me of a Yogi twisted into an intricate pose. 
It sat all alone on the forest floor.
I didn't see any others like it.
Can you see its look of surprise - its mouth shaped like an O?
It's my favorite mushroom this season. 


  1. Great shots! I do love those bright red toadstools that seem to attract and repel at the same time.

    That bottom mushroom looks like an underwater creature...

  2. both are beautiful! and different!

  3. wow! the red mushroom is so amazing and beautiful! the second mushroom when i first glanced at it I saw a mis-shappend foot! then 2 feet then a fist and then a snail on is taking many forms! wow!

  4. What deadly attraction those red mushrooms carry! Your photos are so beautiful. I see "creature" all over that second one! I like your poetry, too!

  5. The red ones couldn't be prettier. We have them here, but the color is not so bright, probably because it is so dark in the pine woods.

  6. I've learned poisonous mushroom is bright-colored but don't know about the shape. Yes, the second one looks like complicated yoga pose - maybe it might be a fairy or a wizard. After the rain, I've found many toodstools.


  7. Wow! That red one is beautiful!
    But nature warns us of danger by color and bright colors whether of animals or plants are dangerous.
    And the second one is fabulous too, just like an Indian Yogi!
    Have a good day Barb:)

  8. I may have seen some small red mushrooms in one of my hikes, but not with polka dots!

  9. I watched a program all about mushrooms and they showed the red and white ones. Quite beautiful and deceiving as well! Love Di ♥

  10. Isn't nature amazing, giving us whimsical beauty even in fungus?!

  11. Those are so interesting -- I can see where they would attract attention. Scary how deadly they are!
    And the other looks like pizza dough to me! :)

  12. Well, those red mushrooms remind me of something from Alice in Wonderland or maybe the Smurfs? Fantastic -- have never seen anything like them. :)

  13. Hi Barb! Oh that red with polkadots mushroom! Looks cute enough, but in this case, looks deceive! Yikes!
    Your surprise mushroom does have a
    "OH!" look on its "face."
    Isn't it amazing what you can find walking gently through life!?!

    Wishing you Many Good Things this weekend ~ arriving One at a time
    ♥ Maria

  14. They look like the cartoon mushrooms (or I should say, cartoon mushrooms look like the red mushrooms). Quite whimsical, but please avoid.

  15. How awful that your friend's dog nearly dies from eating the red mushroom!

    Ha! The second mushroom does look surprised. :)

  16. Very nice 'shrooms! And thank you for IDing the Amanita Muscaria-- we saw them here at Fern Ridge a couple years ago and -- like you, they made me think that elves and brownies should be sitting unde them.

  17. I also love going mushrooming...but only to take photographs.....
    the reds are gorgeous....

  18. Those magic mushrooms are too beautiful, even though deadly to ingest! Your twisted yogi looks all splayed feet or hands to me. I couldn't see the look of surprise or 'O' shaped mouth. Beautiful wording/captions to accompany these stunning captures, Barb.

  19. oh gosh, I love both of these photos. Berries are the same way, some are so yummy and some can make us very sick or kill us off. The twists and turns in life!


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