Sunday, May 26, 2024


 It's still winter at high altitude.

Even the donkeys downtown are getting sick of the snow.

However, inside there are blooms.

We've had some celebrations.

Our twin sons turned 56 the end of April.
There was still plenty of snow for their AT skis.

My 80th birthday was May 9th.

The family paid a surprise visit to help me celebrate.

photo taken by Neve's brother, Caden

Our granddaughter, Neve, graduated from high school in May.

Neve in her traditional Korean Hanbok - professional photo

She'll begin a pre-Med degree in the fall. 

While attending graduation in Denver, we enjoyed spring.

photo taken in New Zealand by a friend

Last but not least, our oldest grandchild, Ben, will marry his fiance, Paula, in July.

pond in Frisco, CO, where the snow is mostly melted

There are many good things to celebrate!

I hope good things are happening in your life, too.

Thank you for visiting.

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