Wednesday, March 6, 2024

March at High Altitude

 I'm an early riser.

Often, I watch the moon set as the sun rises.

Weather permitting, I take a morning walk on the county road near my house.
It's an unpaved road, plowed in winter, and it doesn't get much traffic.

It provides distant views of Bald Mountain.

A couple weeks ago, I started noticing mountain lion tracks.
I'm always alert when outdoors, but the tracks gave me a little surge of adrenalin.
Lions prowl mostly from dusk to dawn, and it would be unusual to encounter one midday.
I'm still seeing tracks but so far no lion!

A large tree just off our property blew part way down this winter and is now supported by a nearby tree.
I check every morning to see if it has finally crashed to the ground.
So far, it's still standing, with the smaller tree holding it upright.

Sometimes, at dawn, the sky offers a brief, breathtaking display.

Remember: there is always One Good Thing!

I hope you're well.
Thank you for visiting.

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