Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Snow Melt

As of June 1, every scrap of snow in our yard is melted.
We've begun hiking on the forest trails.

The forest smells juicy with dampness from melting snow.
Wildflowers and grasses are poking green out of the ground.
Trees and bushes are budding.

However, the higher we climb, the more snow remains.
Mountain streams are singing and dancing.

Unfortunately, because of low snowpack, they aren't as energetic as some years.

The high peaks still glisten white in the sunshine.
Some snow will remain up high all summer.

The Continental Divide glows in the distance.

The octopus tree basks in the sunshine.

Welcome spring - my one good thing today!

I'm having issues with Blogger. As you might have noticed after my last post, I tried changing the Header, and it shrank so small it was hard to read the title. I've fooled with the HTML, but now the photo is slightly blurry. Be careful at this point if you want to change your Header - I've read on the forum that many are having this same problem. (Sigh....)

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