Monday, April 14, 2014

Leaving Snow Behind!

Ben (11) off Peak 6, Breckenridge

Snow continues to dominate the mountain landscape.
Another 15" (38 cm) fell overnight.

rock garden, Denver Botanic

However, spring is showing itself 90 miles away in Denver.
I'm veering toward that warmth!

Sam (19 months), Japanese Garden, Denver Botanic

In about a week, I'm bound for Arizona.
I hear the Saguaros are in bloom.
I'll be visiting my friend, Mary.

I asked Fox to keep watch until I return.


  1. i know you will have a great trip. you find joy in everything you do. :)

  2. i love what you did with the fox!! have fun, you will not miss the snow!!

  3. Happy travels Barbara. This was a lovely post.

  4. Oh my, I love that shot of Sam.
    Actually loved all the shots.

    It's a beautiful day here in Denver, cold but sunny :)

    Have a great time in AZ.
    Good time to be there before the heat of the summer

  5. That's a wonderful shot of the little guy with the fish. And that fox.. very cool.

  6. I'm sure you are ready for a little heat. We are just getting teased with it here. Winter is back once more for a few days.
    Really liked that rock garden.

  7. Delightful pictures, I love the fish! Have a great time in AZ!

  8. I am certain Fox will keep an eye on things for your Barb.
    Enjoy the warmth of your friendship and of Arizona.

  9. Fun to see this version of Mr Fox along with the ones on the other blog...all wonderful. Happy and safe travels. I will look at your book list while you are gone

  10. A temporary change of scenery is always refreshing as these beautiful photos reflect. Have a great trip while you're out here Barb.

  11. I will get try and get talking to Fox while you are away, Barb! Enjoy your trip!

  12. Lovely shots. Enjoy that spring warmth!

  13. Despite how beautiful a pristine winter day can be, it is great to escape the cold. Enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun. It does a person good!


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